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1.soil diagnosis

Soil samples were taken to determine soil nutrient content

Soil sample collection and preparation, analysis of soil physical properties, analysis of organic matter, determination of total composition and various chemical properties, as well as strong acid digestion elements, soil oxides, primary and clay minerals, soil micromorphology.

and chemical properties, as well as strong acid digestion of elements, soil oxides, identification of primary and clay minerals, soil micromorphology

The methods used for soil occurrence and classification studies include soil oxidation, soil oxides, primary and clay mineral identification, and soil micromorphology preparation and identification.


2.element formula


According to the result of the soil diagnosis,Proportional fertilizer dosage,form the element formula.

On the basis of analyzing the law of fertilizer demand of crops and mastering the characteristics of soil fertilizer supply and changes in conditions related to fertilizer release, determine the type of fertilizer to be applied, proportion the amount of fertilizer, and distribute fertilizer according to the formula.

3.product supply

Production according to the formula, providing professional guidance on application methods

We provide customers with high-quality product offerings, technical guidance services, which can effectively coordinate the balance of crop reproductive and nutritional growth, promote the formation of nutritional quality of agricultural products, enhance disease resistance and resistance to adversity, reduce crop diseases, and improve and enhance the quality of agricultural products.


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