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Cron Dioxide  Boron Oxide Price - Boron Oxide CAS1303-86-2 Powder
Cron Dioxide  Boron Oxide Price - Boron Oxide CAS1303-86-2 Powder
Cron Dioxide  Boron Oxide Price - Boron Oxide CAS1303-86-2 Powder

Cron Dioxide Boron Oxide Price - Boron Oxide CAS1303-86-2 Powder

Minimum Order Quantity: 5 tons

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Alias: Boron oxide, boric anhydride, boric anhydride, anhydrous boric acid

properties: strong water absorption

content: 98.5%

performance standard: qty-j08.04-2010hs

Hs code: 281000100CAS

Cas no: 1303-86-2


Properties:colorless vitreous body or powder
Shrinking Point:450 ° C
Boiling Point:1860 ° C
Density:1.085 g/mL (amorphous)
Solubility:this product is soluble in acid, ethanol, hot water, slightly soluble in cold water
Characteristics:Gray powder, it can be reduced to single crystal boron by alkali metal or magnesium at high temperature, and can be completely miscible with oxides of metal, copper, silver, aluminum, tin and arsenic


1. stored in a cool, ventilated, dry warehouse.

2. this product is best in the air dry place to start, humidity changes will occur when recrystallization.

3. when the storage should pay attention to the principle of drastic changes in the environment, to ensure good packaging.

4. Avoid rain during transportation, so as to avoid moisture impact on product quality, can not be mixed with strong oxidant. The shelf life of this product is: 12 months, the track bucket expired Recheck qualified can still be used

Safety Instructions:

1. this product exports for general goods, can not swallow, inhalation, eye contact, operation, wearing safety goggles, dust mask, rubber gloves.

2. If you accidentally eat, seek medical advice and take a rest at a place where fresh air is transferred. If it gets into your eyes, rinse with running water. Do not expose undiluted or bulk products to groundwater, water pipes, or sewage systems that are slightly hazardous to water, and do not release materials into the environment without government permission.

9Granularityorder ≥95.0

1. used as a silicate decomposition of the co-solvent, the preparation of boron and a variety of boride main raw materials.

2.Dopants in List of semiconductor materials, catalysts for organic synthesis, raw materials for ceramic glazes. For example, in order to prevent the decomposition of GaAs melt, a layer of molten B2O3 is often placed on the surface of GaAs melt in the Czochralski process.

3. Raw materials used as boron solvent in chemical heat treatment in mechanical industry.

4. Making high-energy fuel from alloy steel in metallurgical industry.

5. It has applications in other sectors of the national economy as well as in the atomic energy and electronic industries.

6. heat-resistant glassware, ceramics, paint fire-resistant additives, solder additives and additives of high-temperature lubricants.

7. industrial glass manufacturing in the stability of raw materials, raw materials and so on.

8. Boric anhydride can be used as cable material

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