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Soil Micro nutrient elements - boron

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Soil contains a variety of elements needed for plant growth and development, but there is a big difference in its demand, customarily divided into large elements and trace elements, trace elements refers to the total mass of living organisms accounted for less than 0.01% of the elements, we should not underestimate these trace elements, they are indispensable for plant growth, boron is one of the important soil trace elements.

The role of boron on plants

Boron is an essential element for plants. Boron can promote the conversion and operation of carbohydrates, accelerate plant growth and development, and promote early maturity; boron plays an important role in the formation and development of plant reproductive organs, promotes pollen germination, stimulates the elongation of pollen tubes, has a special effect on plant fertilization, is conducive to the formation of seeds, and reduces the role of flower and fruit drop; boron also increases the plant's resilience, strengthens the drought-resistant and disease-resistant crops, and prevents top bud brown rot and heart rot disease. Boron can also increase plant stress tolerance, enhance crop drought and disease resistance, and prevent top bud brown rot and heart rot. Sufficient supply of boron, plant growth and luxuriant, full of seeds, good root system, harvest is guaranteed.


If the supply of boron is insufficient, it will lead to poor plant growth, and the quality and yield of the products will be reduced; when there is a serious deficiency of boron, there will even be no harvest. Plant boron deficiency is mainly manifested in leaves, stems, growing points, flowers, fruits and other parts. There will be new leaf deformation, small, broken, etc.; stems become shorter, serious stem atrophy symptoms; growing point necrosis, the plant becomes clumped, petiole, stem, fruit splitting cracks; flowering does not bear fruit, falling flowers and fruits; fruits are often deformed fruits, empty shells. Oilseed rape "buds and not flowers", cotton "flowers and not real", wheat "flowers and not full", sugar beet "rot heart disease " and so on are related to the lack of boron. Plant absorption of boron mainly from the soil,Soil boron is divided into full boron and effective boron, full boron refers to the sum of boron present in the soil, including the boron that can be utilized by plants and the two parts of boron that cannot be utilized, and effective boron only refers to the boron that can be utilized by plants. Whether the soil is deficient in boron depends on the content of effective boron.


PCS:Growth of different plants with sufficient and deficient boron supply under low and high light conditions.

Methods to improve soil boron content

① Application of boron fertilizer: In soils with low boron content, soil-based application and plant leaf spraying can be used in combination. Soil application can improve the soil's boron deficiency, the crop's boron requirement varies at different fertility stages, and boron release has the characteristics of uniformity and long-lasting effect, which can meet the basic needs of boron throughout the growing season. Foliar spraying of boron fertilizer, boron fertilizer has the characteristics of rapid dissolution in water, fast absorption, better results, can be applied in the buds, young fruits and other peak boron demand.

② increase the application of organic fertilizers: organic fertilizers in the nutrient elements more complete, especially to apply more rotted stable manure, stable manure containing more boron, but also to make the soil fertile, enhance the soil water retention capacity, alleviate the drought damage, promote the expansion of the root system, and can promote the absorption of boron plant.

③ Improve the soil: to prevent soil acidification or alkalization in the protected area. Once the soil acidification or alkalization, to be improved, the soil pH adjustment to neutral or slightly acidic. Improvement of sandy soil can be mixed with clay soil to improve the method.

④Reasonable irrigation: Ensure the plant's water supply, prevent the soil from being dry or too wet, otherwise it will affect the absorption of boron by the root system.

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